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We are a from scratch bakery and tea room.   

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Our Tea Room

We highly recommend calling for  reservations. Our seating times are 11:00 & 1:30  Our dining room is small and we would greatly appreciate it if you are unable to make  your reservation ,  please  call us to cancel. 

We also recommend that you put your cell phones away so  that you can enjoy the true tea experience and  to also enjoy your company. Our goal is to see you  leave with the best high tea experience .  

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About Us

Wedding Cakes - Special Occasion Cakes-Cupcakes

We are a from scratch bakery and prepare our recipes with the  freshest  ingredients available. We  prepare our recipes without preservatives and cater to you and your special cake occasion. We take great pride in everything that is prepared in our kitchen. 

 We ask for a 72 hour lead time for all special orders. 

 All our products are made in a kitchen that handles NUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG  and alcohol

Our  French macaroon
A  sweet meringue-based confection


Our customers love our Macarons!  Stop in and choose from our selection or order in advance and we will gift box them for that special someone. 

Our Tea Room


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Lorraine's Cake Shoppe & Tea Room

86 NJ-15, Lafayette, New Jersey 07848, United States

(973) 579-5300

Wednesday through Saturday 9:00 - 5:00



Tea Room  seating times

11:00 & 1:30 

Please call for a reservation

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Lorraine Perry   Written by Paxton Nacinovich

  Dreams are the things of which life is made. Dreams are also the things from which fabulous food is created. Armed with a dream and incredible talent, Lorraine Perry began her journey. She took her dream of art in food, coupled with magical surroundings in which to enjoy it, and Lorraine’s Cake and Tea Room in Lafayette, New Jersey was born. 

The dream began in Point Pleasant, New Jersey where Lorraine was born. Growing up Lorraine moved to Andover Township in 1964. When Lorraine married, she and her husband Jake Perry moved to Frankford where they reside today. Lorraine developed an affinity for the folksiness of Sussex County over the years. This love of the county’s charming towns eventually led her to Lafayette, where she hoped to start a food business one day. 

Lorraine spent her career in the food industry since she was seventeen and has enjoyed both the creation of food and delectable treats in addition to the business of managing a restaurant. Lorraine had been working as a banquet manager at the time she served High Tea to members of the Republican Party. She then decided to take her training to the next level by studying at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Shortly thereafter she became the pastry chef at Crystal Springs in Vernon New Jersey.  After her tenure at Crystal Springs, she began working from home building up her bakery business and then a dream was conceived. Lorraine enjoyed the High Tea experience and she wanted to combine the milieu of High Tea with the creation of culinary delights in a fanciful venue. 

When she saw the building which houses her current business she immediately knew it had the workings of a perfect location. With the charm of the town of Lafayette along with the simple elegance of the building it became the perfect combination for the bakery and tea room.

 Lorraine spared no effort in getting the necessary permits to bring the interior and exterior to its current grandeur. Without a bakery of similar caliber within the town Lorraine forged ahead. She brought back farm to table quality and freshness. She created something unique that is both a visual and culinary masterpiece. The bakery features delectable desserts and foods while the tea room also includes memorable experiences for community members to come together and experience the magic.

Grand Opening:   973-579-5300

Lorraine’s Cake and Tea Room   86 NJ-15

Sunday May 6, 2018  11:00am Lafayette, NJ 07848 

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